Rosie Recently Presents 4 Carat Engagement Ring To Partner

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With gay marriage being made legal in many areas of the country, a lot more same sex couples are taking this occasion to make their relationship official. Based upon a report, star comedienne and talk show host Rosie O’Donnell not long ago confirmed her engagement to sweetheart Michelle Rounds. Michelle Rounds is a headhunter based in New York City. Rosie just recently presented a huge 4 carat diamond engagement ring with a classic design. The talk show host has not yet stated whether she will wear an engagement ring or not.

Legalization of gay marriage  

The current marriage tendencies have revealed that the grooms do not usually wear engagement rings and this is what makes gay weddings so extraordinary. As the conventional practices of a wedding ceremony don’t apply on these types of special occasions, same sex couples can enjoy complete freedom when planning their wedding. The question of who proposes first or will wear the engagement ring is often left to each twosome. The legalization of gay marriage has additionally brought about the formation of a lot of wedding event planning firms that purely focus on same sex couples. These wedding planners concede that creating a gay wedding is definitely more thrilling because the aspects of the ceremony differ in every case.

Looking beyond traditional customs

Given that no formal protocols have been dictated for same sex partners, many are drawing ideas from customs like wearing diamond engagement rings and conventional proposals. The deficiency of an official rule book also will allow these couples to assume distinctive traditions that best represent them as a couple. When gay marriage was not viewed as legal in most states of the country, same sex partners typically held commitment ceremonies and exchanged engagement rings to signify their love. Following the legalization, couples are able to organize an exquisite wedding. Like many heterosexual partners, same sex partners also choose to wear engagement rings but add their very own twist.

Choosing engagement / wedding rings

Gay marriages have no guidelines concerning diamond engagement rings or wedding rings. As opposed to buying the normal wedding ring, gay couples enjoy the freedom to check out all wedding jewelry options to get the most suitable set. Because there is no wrong or right in regards to wedding rings, several same sex partners want non traditional rings like tattooing a ring around the finger. Whilst some couples still choose the classic engagement ring, others go with easy to wear platinum bands. The free spirit of the LGBT group is as well impacting heterosexual couples because they are discarding traditional practices for more meaningful and symbolic gestures.

Who proposes?      

It has been customary for the man to propose marriage to the woman in any partnership. Then again, in same sex partnerships, these types of rules change. Instead of following a convention, it should be left to every twosome to make their very own choice. It is often the more dominant individual in the relationship that takes the first step towards firming up their devotion. A financially secure partner is also more prone to propose first. Yet, you can find several occasions with heterosexual couples that the woman proposed to the man. Even more than following convention, it’s the couple’s enthusiasm to make a commitment which makes a big difference.