Human Design Analysis: Properly Understanding Relationships

Many preople have asked me why we want to have our Human Design charts carried out. Many people believe they know themselves very well; they tell me they do not want to be restricted by anything; it’s simply like reading your horoscope; they don’t have any need to know etc.

There are many reasons explaining why we should really know who we are. None of us truly knows because we see ourselves from one perspective while others see us differently. Human Design gives us both points of view. It also gives us the truth. We will understand and begin to know ourselves as we grow and evolve but we won’t ever know what is our true self and what’s our conditioning.

With Human Design we understand that we have been so conditioned to live in a suitable way, that it is necessary to fit in, have ‘mates’, be respectful, not incite, and some of these behavioural patterns are just not who we are. There are those whose lives revolve totally around themselves; in Human Design terms this is quite normal they are individuals – these people have a purpose here to be exceptional and to show others it is fine to be different. They aren’t terrified to dive into the chasm. Conditioned behaviour prevents us from being ourselves; we adjust our behaviour as we grow up according to responses we process. If a child is repeatedly being scolded for behaving as a child usually does with curiosity and questions, then that child learns to adapt that behaviour to match the adult. That child then may well become a passive-aggressive. Thus conditioning in early childhood often creates dysfunctional adult behaviour; behaviour that does not permit us to be true to ourselves. Social behaviour dictates like us to stay the same. It is much safer for us when we know the way to behave correctly; individual types of people show us it is appropriate if somewhat somewhat bizarre to be different. Humans have a genetic imperative to modify; that’s what our genes do for us. They bring two people together to have kids so that the genes can mix and mutate. That is the reason why our society today is absolutely different from “when we grew up”.

When we understand our Design something occurs deep inside us. It isn’t a mental cognitive understanding, though this occurs as well , but deep inside, our body can settle when we live who we are. We all have disturbing behaviour patterns which are set up just to keep us safe when we’re much too small to take care of ourselves. As adults these patterns no longer serve us; they simply stop us from living our purpose and keep us oblivious to what’s really going on around us. Our body then takes on the job of keeping us safe and lives in a condition of active alert where the nervous system is constantly in sympathetic mode. This restrains the natural body functions of the parasympathetic nervous system like digestion and breathing. Our cells can slowly move out from being constricted by fear into love where they become expansive and healthy. (see – the Biology of Belief)

What we are seeing in our Design charts is a chart of our genes. It is scientific yet also has esoteric roots. It brings both philosophies together; it brings an explanation to astrological charts because each and every zodiac sign connects with the Chinese Book of Changes that has now been found to match the recently-discovered codons in our our DNA. When we have a look at our chart we see how conditioned we are, how we reflect other people and we understand functions of us that are trustworthy. We learn how to trust ourselves. We learn what behaviour patterns aren’t ours and know that we can let go of them. We understand what occurs when we come into relationship with others and why it is an advantage to work in groups, using each person’s strengths as opposed to struggling to do tasks that don’t come naturally to us. We learn that each and every has their own way of making the right decisions according to his or her own levels of energy; none of us can compare ourselves with another. We are all individuals and must learn never to judge one another and never to take anything personally. Above all we must learn never to expect anything except good information from a Projector and an abundance of activity from a Manifesting Generator. Just imagine these two types dividing jobs between themselves. It just wouldn’t work, but unless you understand Human Design then naturally that is how you would apportion it. And you would pay them similarly. The probabilities are that you have hired the Projector to do the active job because at the interview he/she has reflected your own energy. This is a reflection, not the truth. A Projector can be dynamic in the presence of someone with an energy centre but cannot maintain it.

Understanding Human Design is not just about knowing yourself. It is just as important to understand the people you interact with so that you can understand them and treat them according to their ‘type’. Never expect a Projector to initiate anything; in a Generator/Projector relationship the Generator always has to be the initiator even though his ordinary plan is to retort. There are those who have no decision making ability whatsoever; understanding this helps us to bide your time with them. A Reflector, for example, must wait a month to make any important decision, and an emotionally defined individual, at least a week.

Give other people an opportunity to live their lives by accepting their Human Design. If you gain even a tiny understanding, it can change your life and the lives of those who are important to you.

Far from being limiting, the Human Design System is one of the most freeing encounters you can ever have.

Phylipa Dinnen is a mother of four children, a Human Design Professional and a Practitioner of Pre and Peri-Natal Birth Trauma. She has become very involved with the growth of Human Design in the UK. Along with her husband Graeme they run Resources For Life a natural health enterprise in Chichester, West Sussex. For detailed info on Human Design click here .