Experiencing True Love

Everybody, it seems, has their own definition of love. Our movies, most of them, describe love as the thrill you experience when seeing the “other” one, the time when you start losing sleep and appetite. Neither of them captures the essence of love though. Love, however, is a topic that is perfectly capable of drawing responses that are paradoxical.

Love is unique for each and every person. Something that may be love according to you may just be infatuation for someone else. There are, however, a few things that do tell you whether or not what you are experiencing is true love.

To start with, when you’re in love, you will start changing, more often than not. At the very least, you become more willing to change than you would otherwise. Some examples would be becoming a better listener, trying to be organized and becoming an overall better person.

It isn’t easy to bring about these changes, honestly. Only love can bring about these changes in you. They aren’t subtle changes either; they are drastic changes on a broad level. Love can (and often does) bring about your honest self, the best human inside you. The feeling that there is someone else who you have to care for brings about changes that are difficult, if not impossible, to accept.

It would be unjust to try and explain love. It is euphoria, the feeling of being on cloud nine. It is unconditional; it is when you start accepting your partner with the flaws that they have, without trying to correct them. You love them the way they are, not the way you want them to be.

Just as life happens, love, too, happens. Planning love is impossible. You can’t force it to happen. You’ll fall in love when you’re meant to. It won’t start (or end) when you want it to. When you experience it, however, it will be out of this world.

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